Instructions for submitting your blog.

At the moment I’m no longer updating DWB. But when I do…

DWB features blogs with a tight focus on the Visual Communication industry: Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Illustrators, Typographers, Logo Designers, Artists, Advertising Pros, Programmers, Photographers, Marketers, Writers, Branders and Podcasters.


What do I look for first?: Obviously I’m going to check if there’s a link back. Fair is fair.

Content: Minimum three months of regularly updated content. Regularly updated, interesting content.

Information to be included on the form:

  1. Your name, email address, blog url and blog name.
  2. A sentence or paragraph describing your blog.
  3. Where your blog fits in the categories (choose just one from the titles above).

If I’ve contacted you about a feature on DWB …

Banners: I like the idea of sharing the faces of those blogging as it brings a bit of warmth to DWB. To accomplish this, each blogger has the option of a personalised banner.

You can see existing banners by repeatedly refreshing DWB, or by visiting banner galleries by year: Year 1 Banner Gallery and Year 2 Banner Gallery and Year 3 Banner Gallery.

I am quite happy to forgo designing a personalised banner (but I do enjoy getting the chance). I’m equally happy if you want to design your own.

If I’ve contacted you (and you want me to create your banner): Send a photo (preferably of yourself). If shy, hiding behind sunglasses, or a snap of an ear, or even taking a snap of the back of a head will do. Sometimes I use just the photo, with others I create the banner with a combo of photos and screen shots of the site. It’s all in good fun. Good fun for me. Or for you, if you’d like to create your own.

The working space is 700 x 194px, so make sure the photo more than covers that area. And as you can see below, I use a design template.

 DWB's banner template

If I’ve contacted you (and you want to create your own banner):

  1. Download this zip file.
  2. The graduated screen can be adjusted to suit your design (darker or lighter).
  3. The top white screens and logo need to stay as is.
  4. Your name / logo goes on the top layer, bottom left hand side.
  5. The area on the lower right side needs to be empty to hold the tagline (the template shows where the tagline sits).
  6. Rename the PS template file – yourfirstname-yourlastname.psd.
  7. Email your creation to me by responding to my email.
  8. NOTE! Please leave all information in the email so I know who you are.

Description: And lastly, don’t forget, I need a description of your blog submitted with your banner.

Well, not quite last. After your feature is up, please come back and say hello –>> in the comments <<-- as we'd all love to hear from you. regards, Catherine

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