Learn to Write Recap

As this is a recap, I’ll do just that. As previously mentioned, on New Years Eve Bangkok was bombed. Now, I’m not a resolution type of person. But, I was between two of the bombed sites so the event gave me pause to think.

You see, late last year I took up the kind offer to be mentored. Learning to write has been a goal for a long while, but a loose goal, an out there goal. One I talk about but never got around to the full commitment.

By making contact to inquire about a spot for the mentor program, I took steps towards making it a reality. The bombing took me fast and public into my resolve (by far a much better description than resolution) to write better. Having a mentor will keep it flowing (edit, the mentor program didn’t happen).

Below is a quick rundown of the series. Apologies to all of you who have DWB on your feed readers. This was not a planned series so I had to edit to pull everything together. In the future I’ll use a proper plugin. I promise. And I’ll plan ahead. That’s an additional promise.

The Writing Resolution: Learn to Write series.
Part 1: New Year’s Resolution: Learn to Write
Part 2: Helpful Writing Books
Part 3: Online Writing Guidelines
Part 4: Online Dictionaries
Part 5: Online Writing Tips: Individual articles
Part 6: Online Writing Courses
Part 7: Writing: The Plan
Part 8: Writing: The Writing Resolution
Part 9: Writing: Additional Writing Resources
Part 10: Article: Why Designers Should Be Writers

A personal thanks goes to the writers who helped in the series, either during the series with kind responses and / or photos for their banners, or by previous features.

A special thanks goes to Roger C. Parker, who wrote the finishing article, Why Designers Should Be Writers. His writing put it all together for me in one, clear package. Learn to write and you’ll become more marketable.

It’s writers like these I aspire to emulate.

Writing Blogs Featured
Away With Words by Nancy Friedman
Business Writing by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston
Poynter Online – Writing Tools by Roy Peter Clark
Roger C. Parker Design to Sell Blog by Roger C. Parker
Successful Blog by ME Strauss
The Copywriter Underground by Tom Chandler
The Grammarphobia Blog by Patricia T. O’Conner and Stewart Kellerman
Triangle Grammar Guide by Pam Nelson
Weinberg on Writing by Jerry Weinberg
Writing, Clear and Simple by Roy Jacobsen

To help keep to my resolve to write, I created three pages (not posts). In A Designer’s Resolve I carefully selected from the resources I researched. A Designer’s Resolve: Resources is the full list of the research. A Designer’s Resolve: Complete book list houses the books I started out with before I decided what I could easily read in the next year.

Hopefully, these resources will be used by others aiming to acquire the skills necessary to write well.

Now I’m off to get prepared for the ‘Eric Clapton Live’ concert in Bangkok. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the bombings on New Years Eve, but apparently the group I’m going with has a police escort all the way to the concert and back. Should be interesting. As was (for me) doing this impromptu series. Tomorrow DWB will be back to normal. Whatever that is. I’m ready.

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