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So … taking a timeout from cleaning up DWB, I go to see what’s available in my drafts. Not to write a blog post mind you. But to see what I could throw away. Plenty.

After the ‘plenty’ comes a post from Todd And dated 2007/01/20 – The Faces of 2000 Bloggers.

I’m in there somewhere (my hits say it’s so, but my memory is muddled). And like so many, I’m blog vain. (But unlike so many, I have no cause…). And unlike many, I’m lazy so I haven’t checked. Yet. Not lately.

So as this is a good time to check, I wait. And wait. And I’m still waiting.

Which is good, as it gives me time to finish writing this post, along with two left over bread sticks and the G&T I’m sipping out of a tea cup sans ice. And sans the bug (this is Bangkok, remember?)

BUT, before I move on, I just want to clarify why I’m writing this post on a Sunday night after shagging keys nonstop for two days. That, after being rattled for four.

It’s because Todd said the magic words in answer to “What blogs do you read most often?”

“When I’m not browsing them all, I tend to read Matt Dickman, David Airey, Kami Huyse, Neatorama, Boing Boing, Techcrunch and the rest of my blog roll.”

On my soi, anyone reading David Airey can’t be too shabby. Not at all.

So, on to the review while we wait …

From Todd And:
Really, all you need to know is that I’m passionate about marketing and PR. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be constantly reading, writing and talking about the topics. For those who need more details about my credentials, read on.

Interesting Posts:
I need to fess up. I have a thing for posts in May (if you are anal, just check back over the years), so that’s where we’ll go first … and what do I find? Another friend, Darryl Ohrt with Power Profile: Brand Flakes For Breakfast.

I’ve put together more than a few of interviews in my time, so I have to hand it to Todd for asking Darryl “How would you describe your blog to your mom?”

I mean, my mom is in her late 70’s and still thinks I’m an interior decorator. And that’s when I’m having a good year. It’s usually “That child of mine, she’s a PIECE OF WORK! She NEVER calls, she NEVER writes, and I haven’t seen her in like, TWENTY years!” Sorry mom …

WAIT! (I almost missed this gem) … Tisk tisk … “What two blogs do you read most often?” to which Darryl answers, “I love all blogs evenly.” Groan. Darryl. Email on the way …

Let’s see, there is only one May … scrolling … scrolling … kids (no) … contest (no) … ok, a winner … Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil War.

I’m a history buff. Just, not American history. It’s a background thing. Problem is, I belong to a Quiz Night team at the British Club. Even though I protest that I was an expat (expatriate) coming up as a child, that I don’t exactly have ton of American knowledge floating around my head, they ALL look at me when it comes to American type questions. AWK!

And that’s why I ordered three books:

These two sounded interesting. Mainly due to their opposing political views.

The Twentieth Century – A People’s History: The title is misleading because it’s about AMERICAN history in the twentieth century. Not world history. (You British People’s out there, no comments. Please.)

A History of the American People: Finally. A history book with a marketing / branding team involved.

The third is my absolute fav …

Don’t Know Much About History: Everything You Need to Know About American History but Never Learned.

Yes, that’s me. ‘Never learned’ mixed with a bit of humour. So yes, I did enjoy this book over the previous two. It’s well written. It’s written for me.

Reason number one: I’m American history lacking.
Number two: I find most books on American history dry because I’m starting from nil (see books above).
And number three: I find European / Britain history better suited to my artistic temperament (all those castles, fairies, and whips and all. Kidding).

And on a Sunday night, I guess that’s plenty enough about me.
Anon …

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