Two steps forward. Two steps back.

After a blissful time managed week last week, this week has become disjointed. And it’s only Tuesday already.

Monday morning was spent emptying my email buckets and continuing research for a new project. Research meant more emails in and out. More emails in my buckets. But, as I do similar to what Mark advises (a mini-review every morning), I’m sort of confident of keeping mostly on top of email buckets (how’s that for a positive maybe?).

The rest of Monday was flat back on the couch. Yes, due to managing my time better, I was, again, suffering from another bout of sleeping too much. And as drugs for back pain don’t always help a person sit straight up, I took advantage and became horizontally down. What to do, lah.

Tuesday morning started out groggy. No surprises there. Groggy from yesterdays pill-fest, I spent time cleaning up messes made by two sick cats. Lovely. And serves them right. Hopefully that’ll be the last time they consume seeds from a dried lotus arrangement. An arrangement which is now totally rearranged.

Tuesday morning was also spent jotting down memories of my grandmother. A grandmother who died Sunday.

As you can see, Tuesday morning wasn’t exactly a shining morning when it came to time management. Nothing that got done was on any to-do list to be done.

Guess I’ll have to rearrange all those tidy little buckets. Buckets that are now overflowing. Fast.

And maybe, as suggested by Mark in his latest Time Management post, a review of how I review would help?

Or, at the very least …

A review of how I’d like to review:

  1. Take new on-the-fly to-dos out of xPad and add them to iGTD
  2. Scan through iGTD to adjust or delete priorities
  3. Think of more to-dos, add to iGTD

And that’ll just have to do. For now.

My responses to Mark’s weekly questions:

How often do you review your commitments? Daily? Weekly? Never?

I review email buckets daily. But for the rest, I’m still working on it.

What difference does it make when you make time to review?

I love making lists. I love marking off lists. It’s a ‘feel good’. It’s equally so when those lists are for other people. Then I can help them mark off their lists. And they’ll feel good too.

What difference does it make when you’re too busy to review?

Even with filling up buckets, I still have a running list of the most important issues in my head that I review. Often. Think annotated silent movie, but list style. So it’s not a matter of being too busy to review. It’s a matter of finding ways to get more of the list out of my head. Mostly anyway.

How do you review? Any tips you’d like to share?

Even though I’ve nattered on about email alerts, I do see the benefits of the bother. Especially if they involve obscure to-dos. Like remembering to send out Xmas cards on time.

Like, wasn’t it yesterday?

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