Like Gardeners Question Time, but for geeks
Like Gardeners Question Time, but for geeks

Apologies in advance. I’m going to gush. Seriously.

Yes, seriously. In the Rissington Podcasts, John and Jon come together to record sessions harkening back to the halcyon days of BBC radio comedy. The podcasts are witty, amusing, brilliant and clever. All.

And the podcasts are not just for designers either. I mean, my hubby (a rock-hound) even spent last night listening and laughing along with me. He’s a tough audience (and also a brit). So yes, they are that funny (at times like two guys talking and not knowing us gals are listening in).

Who’s John? Well, seems like it’s been years since I stopped enjoying the wisdom according to John Oxton. Back then it was John at joshuaink, surrounded by dripping flowers and colourful copy. Times change. Life moves on. And these days I listen to John tweet his bits on twitter. Until the Rissington Podcasts that is.

But yeah(!). Now John’s hooked up with Jon Hicks of the beautiful logo. And how embarrassing [hanging head]. Unlike John with joshuaink, Hicks of the beautiful logo doesn’t have a feature at DWB. Oh dear. Apologies Jon. Your site is such a known, I was sure you were here already …

From John and Jon: Think of it as a web-geek version of Gardeners Question Time! We also have regular(ish) spots – jokes from an 1940’s RAF magazine, typeface of the ‘week’, and any geek/technology thing we care to talk about. We are your expert panellists, agony aunts and general life-gurus, so email us your questions!

Well, not sure about you, but I’m headed over for more of the Rissington Podcasts. Enjoy!

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