I don’t post many tutorial / designy focused blogs. Neither do I share many web / css focused blogs. It’s because I don’t do tutorials much anymore. And for css, there’s a Jay. It’s selfish. I know. But, in the future I promise to rectify this oversight. Like, starting yesterday, with Concept Design Workshop.

From Pixlpusher: This blog is for design students and designers. I will be posting tutorials, free stuff, and other need to know information.

Scrolling down the category we have apple (no) designers (seems interesting) [click] and bingo. Is spec work unethical? One of the reasons I chose this post is due to two hot conversations going on right now.

At Freelance Switch we have Freelance Radio, Episode 12: Iím a Proud Weenie!

Now, when it went live, I was busy packing to hop on a plane so didn’t get the chance to get to the podcast until yesterday. It’s a good listen so I do recommend those interested to take the time. Basically what they did was agree on spec as a theory. It’s the grey bits everyone has problems with.

Another point made wraps around this comment, “Try not to burn so many people at the stake …”

And I do agree. The spec issue is a hot one. It’s hot in part because it’s been around for a long time without a voice. And now we have one. The internet. Oh joy.

But think about it, if you are slamming a potential client over the head with the no-spec.com logo, you’ve pretty much wasted an opportunity to educate that client. Right?

So there I was. Almost finished writing a post on no-spec.com on this very same subject. When google alerts binged Kevin’s post into my email box. 99designs: Bullshit 2.0 (foul language warning).

Drat and drat. There went my softy-feely post about being kind and all, as I do agree with Kevin.

So on one side we have uneducated clients needing to be led through the process of our industry (softly, softly, please). On the other, we have companies like Sitepoint creating sites such as 99designs (no, I won’t link to them).

And like Kevin, I can’t help but be shocked and equally peoed at the numbers.

Quoting Kevin: At the time of this writing, $1,226,703 has been awarded across 346,171 entries. Second-grade math teaches us this averages out to $3.54 per entry.

$3.54? What? [shaking head] Makes you wonder how they plan on surviving. If they even do.

Also found at Pixlpusher:EMOHOC – The creative online outlet of Alan Campbell – Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography.


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