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Have you ever come across a site design where you jump up, arms flailing, then shout “Hey! I could have should have thought of that!” Which deteriorates to soft fist pounding and, “well, ok, dmn dmn dmn, I wish I’d thought about it first.” Then, while lowering yourself to the ground with a bit of head banging, “#@$%!!, who am I fooling?”

For me, Jake Nickell is such a site.

In a quick walk through it’s really simple splendid. Jake has his blog separated into obvious sections – All, Blog Entries, Flickr Photos, Questions and Meta. Regular blog comments are tagged in turquoise, flickr comes in with flickr blue, comments in grey, wonderful booze recipes in grey (from one of Jake’s creations and a fav of mine, Extra Tasty), and a purple ‘Ask A Question’ option. The technical explanations are way beyond me (how DID he do that?) and so not simple, so I’ll leave them for Jake.

Jack Nickell comes from Warrenellis with Interweb Stuff Is Beyond Me Now. I agree with some of the comments as my head also hurts just thinking about crons and cron jobs. Thanks Warren. Also from Warren is Projectionist, a tumblelog (a new one on me). You can read about tumblelogs at kottke.org,

From the home page:
I’m a young entrepreneurial mad man that programs neat community websites non-stop. If you’re not familiar with my work, here’s a quick run-down.

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