I’ve been trying to work a beautifully designed cooking blog (delicious:days), into DWB since Nicky and Oliver made contact. Now that it’s Thanksgiving, talking turkey is the perfect excuse.

From Nicky:
I’m not a professional cook, my day job revolves around design and the internet business as such, which is my other passion. delicious:days was launched in 2005 and is my way of combining these two passions.

Most of you will already know that delicious:days was a nominee in the 2006 Weblog Awards for Best Food Weblog & Best-Designed Weblog. Unless something has drastically changed, I’m curious about the results.

Check out:
Orecchiette and Peanut butter banana bread, or a bumpy road to love

It’s been almost two decades since I’ve celebrated a traditional Thanksgiving as a yearly event. It came down to food. Yes, food. That which ‘fuels the day’.

I’ve been under British wings since before the first Gulf war. Sure, Wikipedia states that turkey is the most popular Christmas roast in the UK since World War II, but not in this family. There’s a dislike not only for turkey, but pumpkin pie and baked sweet potatoes with marshmallows. And if a cinnamon stick even pauses on a walk-through, the dish is inevitable. Yup, there goes the entire, traditional Thanksgiving menu.

We’ve tried celebrating with traditional British foods, but Thanksgiving isn’t the same without the combination of tastes, the aromas from childhood. And what conversation about British vrs American food can go by without mentioning the switch from “please pass the pie” to “please pass the spotted dick”?

The aversion also extends to other American fare – hotdogs, meals made from ground meat (hamburgers, meatballs, spaghetti dishes). And even the impostor, Tex Mex.

Progress has been made. Unlike with Nicky, peanut butter didn’t make the grade. At first. But this year I introduced it into the family diet by pointing out peanut butter’s follicle inducing qualities.

Btw, my tastes run to that which sparks the tongue with enough fire your mouth feels like it’s celebrating the Fourth of July (another British fav). So these are not complaints, just observations.

Have a Happy Turkey Day everyone. Turkey, or no.

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