It’s Friday morning and I’m supposed to be working. Problem is, I’m hooked on going through my own blogroll … here’s hoping you enjoy the random conversations as much as I did …

 urinal. sculptures.
Funfurde: urinal. sculptures

Garrett Dimon:
Could You? Should You?
… So the next time you’re working on a real project, stop and ask yourself if that fancy widget or interaction is truly valuable or desirable, or if it just seems neat. You might be surprised how much time gets freed up to focus on items that truly add value to the experience.

Difficult Clients And How to Handle Them
Kerry has done a terrific job of defining some of the major aspects of a difficult client. In the spirit of being proactive, I thought I would take a stab at providing some solutions to these problems …

I Still Love You – I Swear
At some point in every blogger’s career, they go silent and then pop up like a bad boyfriend with an apologetic post explaining how busy they’ve been and how they promise to write soon. Well I know my audience doesn’t exactly wait on the edge of their seat for the next post, so I’m reluctant to say sorry, but I felt I’d make an awkward situation weirder by talking about some random stuff that has nothing in common other than it has nothing in common.

Brand Autopsy:
The Goofy Tribal Knowledge Commercial
The Goofy Tribal Knowledge Commercial
I’m quick to tell others that I take my job seriously but myself lightly. It’s a line I picked up years ago from reading IMPROVISE THIS and it helps to explain why I am so passionate about the work I do. Basically, I try to have fun while playing the complicated and stressful marketing game.

In the spirit of taking my job seriously and myself lightly, I put together a spoof commercial for TRIBAL KNOWLEDGE. Yeah, it’s super-goofy. But hey … it’s just me trying to have some fun. Enjoy. (I hope.)

And as I have a soft spot for all things to do with books, one more before I go …

Creating Passionate Users:
The book I wish people would read…
October is National Book Month, and I know want to know the book that you wish people would read. It doesn’t have to be your favorite book, or what you think is the best book… just one you’ve found yourself wishing more people would read. The rules for this open post …


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