Women Learn Thai
Women Learn Thai

I’m a workaholic by nature, so when I got into the design industry, I was well suited for the multi-tasking ahead.

Coming in from the arts, I had to learn industry standard software, bookkeeping, client juggling, and the dealing of difficult and sometimes errant printers. All while learning design.

Hours were often long, 12-14 and up. Weekends off were few. Holidays were spent passed out, with the scenery a blur.

(I still need to see Bali again… for the first time).

It wasn’t unheard of for my system to crash after a large project.

Feast. Crash. Famine. Recover.

And a given, it was during the Feast, Feast, Feast times where I suffered the most.

Blurry eyed and soggy brained, I’d make decisions impacting the success of a project. And unknown to me at the time, they also impacted my future reputation.

And that’s how I learned an important lesson the hard way (quoted in Jeff Fisher’s must have book for budding designers, The Savvy Designer’s Guide to Success).

Get a life, preferably your own!

I was lucky in that it only cost me Singapore $800 to fix that snafu. But, my reputation with that one client was forever changed.

Which brings me to the reason for this post… forever changing.

When I moved to Thailand (needing a change), I went into a sort of semi-retirement from design. But not from all things design. I just moved my interests sideways.

But not sideways enough as I managed to forget my hard-earned get a life lesson.

Sliding into total burnout, my design brain was in fear of a total blackout.

And I guess the combination of the tsunami, then the coup, then the bombs (and now the Yellow Shirts taking over the airport) haven’t helped.

Catching myself, I searched for a non-design outlet.

And face it. Designers don’t just design. Or talk about design. Or eat, sleep, weep design (even though at times it feels we do).

Designers write. They travel. They have wonderful babies and make incredible parents.

And yes, designers learn Thai too…

Women Learn Thai is where I try out my writing skills and photography skills, with a wee bit of Thai thrown in. Oh, and a smattering of design… there’s always that.

And just to show you that I haven’t lost my competitive streak through all this, Women Learn Thai has been put forward for voting at Thai-stars.com

(yes, you can vote too!)

Ps: and now back to DWB’s regular schedule of fabulous design blogs…

And THAT’S a promise :-)

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