David Airey
David Airey

WHAT? you say? A feature of David Airey, you say? Again?

Actually, no. And I’m just as surprised as you are.

Yes. I’ve featured his new blog, Logo Design Love with I LOVE Logo Design Love. But I’ve never written a true feature of David Airey, the blog. I swear!

And if you are unfamiliar with David Airey’s blog, you might just be glad I waited. Why? Well, for starters, because it’s grown into one of the top design blogs focused on running a business. Way ripe for a feature.

And if you are a designer looking to run your business out of a blog, then you can’t go wrong by checking out David Airey’s style.

But before you go running off to copy his methods bit by bit, one suggestion. Come up with your own ideas, your own twist to running a design blog wrapped around a business. Trust me on this. You’ll be glad you did (yeah, David Airey clones are getting easy to spot).

Ok, I’m running late getting this out so let’s take a quick dip into David’s top nav.

Graphic and Logo Designer

Hire Me >> Portfolio >> Testimonials >> Articles >> Contact

HOME is obviously where the guts of the blog sits. David generally blogs on subjects important to his readers as well as clients (handy, some readers are also clients). In the blog posts you’ll find information on graphic and logo design as well as his latest project announcements.

HIRE ME is simplicity at its best. After a brief blurb, it goes straight into an easy online questionnaire. And if the potential client needs more, there’s also the option of a downloadable pdf questionnaire, as well as the ability to copy the questionnaire text direct.

PORTFOLIO shows his latest projects (most I’m familiar with). Just enough to give the picture. Not enough to overwhelm.

TESTIMONIALS are again brief. They also give the clients added publicity. Not too shabby.

ARTICLES compiles the meat of the site into an easy browse. And as this site aims to get clients, logically David has Dealing with designers right at the top. A smart move.

CONTACT is again brief, listing all the ways to get in contact with David. Skype. Email. Online form. LinkedIn. Facebook. Twitter. del.icio.us. No excuses.

I chat with David quite a bit so I do know a little about him (although I didn’t know his first word was logo). So what I wanted to do was see if I could find out anything new. And what’s the best way to do this? Online interviews.

Interviews with David Airey from around the Internet …

Freelance Folder: Interview With David Airey – Graphic Designer And Blogger

Freelance Folder: I know you’ve been blogging for almost a year and a half now, how is blogging helping your business? Do you find it’s a useful tool and do you find clients through your blog?

David: The vast majority of my clients arrive through my blog.

Web Designer Interviews: DAVID AIREY: “The logo is… an identifier”

Web Designer Interviews: What advice would you give to designers who are planning on specializing in logo design?

David: Read as much as possible on the subject, and pay particular attention to typography. Regardless of whether print products are on the decline, and if the ‘paperless office’ will ever arrive, logo design will always be needed, so go for it.

The Beta News: Show Me Your Desktop, David Airey

The Beta News: Do you have any tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your computer or blog?

David: Be sure to dust your computer from time to time. Especially if you have an allergy.

Inspiration Bit: The Naked Truth About David Airey

Inspiration Bit: How and why did you decide to get into blogging?

David: I didn’t really know the value of blogging, but heard great things about WordPress, and was curious. I wanted to develop my 5 page static portfolio site into something bigger, more useful, so headed to WordPress.com , and set-up one of their WP-hosted blogs.

Vandelay Website Design: Web/Graphic Designer Group Interview

Vandelay Website Design: How do you typically start a new project?

David: By asking as many client questions as possible. No-one knows their business like them, so I never presume to create an effective design unless the client has a large input in the process.

So, did you learn anything new about David Airey?

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