What a strange week it’s been. What with walls blowing up, and, well, walls blowing up (?)

Anyway, I thought I’d end the week on a fine note by joining David Airey with his 33 logos in 33 minutes, inspired by Jane’s fun with brands meme.

(DWB’s regular schedule will resume on Monday with … the real David Airey.)

If you survive on take-away out here, you don’t consume a lot of products with labels slapped on. That’s because you’ll generally eat out of clear baggies.

(A branding opportunity?)

Eating off the street is a must do experience. It’s not so much the stomach problems that are the worry (those were cleaned up years back). It’s getting those blasted rubber bands off the baggies.

(I even hear tell the Thai government has made acquiring this talent a gotta for expats submitting retirement visas. Time to practice?)

But no matter. Thanks to Jo and Jay at Learn Thai Podcast I have just the trick.

(I’ve been waiting to plug their Thai language blog and seems this is the perfect opportunity. Yes?)

Either click on the screen shot below, or check out their podcast at Thailand Survival Skills: Dealing with Rubber Bands.

(Go ahead and tell them cat sent you.)

FriCking Rubber Bands
Those FriCking Rubber Bands!

Coming up is a range of photos taken around Thailand. Some will have their English equivalents. Some not (can you guess who they are?)

Some items were purchased last night for this meme. And except for two, all run down hill.

Meet you at the bottom …

Pepsi Max Thai

Thai Pepsi Poster

Old Coke Advert

Thai Coke Poster

Colgate Thai

Dpromt and Colgate



Oolong Tea

There is a reason I finished with the Oolong Tea. Last night, after struggling back home with cans and cans of BEER and COFFEE and bottles of WHISKY and such, I googled Oolong Tea Hill Country Thailand. What I found was interesting.

For instance, did you know that

  • The tea plant is native to northern Thailand, but the Thais are not avid tea drinkers.
  • The same climatic conditions optimum for opium poppies also produces tea.
  • Chiang-kei Shek’s Nationalist Army (hiding in Thailand) switched from gem and drug smuggling, black marketing, etc, to raising Oolong Tea in the Hill Country of Thailand.
  • The Royal Project and the United Nations International Drug Control Program is responsible for switching poppy cultivation to tea cultivation.

Pretty hot stuff, yes?

So. Did you guess which was which?

(Hmm, since the photo shoot is over, I imagine it’s ok to consume that what runs down hill. Yes? Can you guess which ones I’m going for? Hmmm?)

Blogs involved in the Branding / Timeline meme:

Now that’s a LOT of new blogs to visit. Yes?

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